Proofad - Revisión de anuncios publicitarios según la psicología del consumidor

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With ProofAd you can make the approval of your advertisements easier and faster. Once you have your license you must create your ad and invite your working team to grade it. Depending on the type of advertisement you want to qualify ProofAd presents you with a very complete questionnaire where you must choose the options with which you most identify yourself. As soon as everyone has done it; ProofAd will consolidate everyone's responses and generate an interpretation that will indicate whether the ad should be approved or not.

¿Comprar la licencia?

Acquire your license

In ProofAd your individual license costs $ 4, remember that from 5 and up to 10 licenses you have a 10% discount, if you buy between 11 and 20 licenses you have 15% and if you buy more than 21 licenses you get a 20% discount.

Remember that you have these means of payment available.

¿Crear equipos?

Create your working team

In ProofAd the work teams are very important, you should always have a team to join you in the review of your ads. You can invite as many people as you want as long as your licenses are enough. You can also assign profiles to your guests, some can be just graders, some editors and graders and other administrators of your ads. Configure it as it suits your needs.

Sube tu anuncio a calificar

Upload your ad to grade

One of the advantages of ProofAd is that it adapts perfectly to your needs. If you want to grade printed pieces, digital postcards, promotional banners, flyers or designs, books or magazines, audios, videos or multimedia content, you can do it without any problem. You should only choose the type of ad when you are uploading it into the application and it will be ready for everyone to review it. Don’t worry, the variable and response matrix automatically adapt to each type of ad.

  • Califica anuncios en formato PDF
  • Califica anuncios audio y video
  • Califica anuncios digitales
  • Califica documentos
Califica tu anuncio

Grade your ad and leave your comments

Everything is ready! Now it is time for all the guests to grade and give their best opinion. They should only analyze each grading item and select the case which they most identify themselves with. As you choose your answers, ProofAd will calculate the score and personal interpretation of each guest. When everyone has finished, it will show the final score with the consolidated interpretation of all the answers.